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MINI BONDS (k-tip)

40 cm from €399 (instalation 2-3 hours)

50 cm from €499 (instalation 3-4 hours)

60 cm from €599 (instalation 3-4 hours)

70 cm €649 (instalation 4-5 hours)


Keratin bonded extensions feature small strands of unprocessed (also known as virgin) human hair. Unlike with clip-in or tape extensions, they are bonded to the wearer’s hair using heated keratin protein. This creates a more natural look and a more durable installation, making it a traditional favorite for hairdressers and clients a like.


Invisible extensions, nano extensions, spanish extensions, or cold gel fusion extensions are the newest trend in the hair extensions industry. The bonds are so tiny that they are not visible even when you tie a ponytail.

40 cm from €550 (instalation 3-4 hours)

50 cm from €650 (instalation 4-5 hours)

60 cm from €750 (instalation 6-7 hours)

70 cm from €850 (instalation 8-9 hours)


45 cm from €399 (instalation 2-3 hours)

55 cm from €499 (instalation 2-3 hours)

60 cm from €599 (instalation 2-3 hours)

70 cm from €649 (instalation 2-3 hours)


Tape-on extensions adhere to the hair's root using medical-grade tape. Tape-in extensions allow for easy removal, the ability to reuse the hair, and the ability to maximize placement options giving the client a more natural, clean look.


NANOPLASTIA 100% sillky hair

Short hair from 150

Midden hair from 190

Long hair from 230

BOTOX for damaged hair

Short hair from 100

Midden hair from 120

Lange haar 170

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