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BLACK DOLL Carbon laser peeling face

Deep cleaning €70/ back €90

The laser treatment is suitable for all ages and may help lighten spots and dark spots, fade freckles, and remove blackheads and acne. It may also help to lift and tighten the skin. The principle behind the black doll facial is that carbon powder possesses a strong capacity to absorb dirt deep in the pores.


Aqua Peel / Hydrafacial

face €60/ back €80

Aqua Peels provide a safe, non-invasive treatment to rejuvenate skin. With the use of exfoliation, iontophoresis, hydration, and integrated vacuum extraction, the procedure is an all-encompassing tool to combat impurities.


RF Lifting (anti-age)

Face €60

RF lifting face+neck (anti-age) €100

RF lifting face+neck+decolletage €140

RF Lifting RF buttocks €70

Radiofrequency (RF) therapy, also called radiofrequency skin tightening, is a nonsurgical method of tightening your skin.


ACNE treatment €60

Pigmentation laser treatment €65

Couperose removal with laser €65

Skin rejuvenation with laser (anti-age) €65

PMU eyebrown removing €50


Teeth whitining

20 min - €34,99

40 min - €59.99

60 min - €79,99

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